Deliver value beyond compliance for your farming clients

We know that the relationship between a farmer and their accountant is one that is based on trust, integrity and a mutual love of life on the land. Which is why we also understand that for users to get the most from Figured, they should be working with advisers who are not just great at crunching numbers, but who understand the agriculture industry and the benefits of using cloud technology to run a successful farming operation.

As a Figured Adviser, your clients can trust that you’ve got the accounting acumen and agri know-how to help them make financial decisions that drive the success of their farming business. With the help of Figured and Xero, you’ll spend less time gathering information from your clients to complete compliance focused tasks, and more time adding value by helping them set budgets, plan, forecast and prepare for what’s ahead.

Grow your rural accounting practice


One team, one ledger
With all your client’s data in one place, the entire farming team can work online and collaborate using real-time financial information.


Improved efficiency
Stock reconciliation, crop tracking, production forecasting and budgeting is easier and more efficient – allowing you to focus on providing advice instead.


Add value
Figured gathers the cash, tax, stock and crop reconciliation, meaning less time spent chasing clients and more time providing high value services.


Boost your business
Figured will help grow your customer base by referring clients to Figured Advisers.


On-going support
We will support you all the way with training, online tools, marketing resources and qualified leads through website referrals.

The Figured Partner Program –

Improving the business of farming together

Practices who want to be recognised as rural accounting experts should consider joining the free Figured Partner Program. It is designed to:

  • Ensure that enquiries and leads from potential Figured customers and strategic partners can be professionally managed by Advisers who have the requisite skills and expertise in the Figured product.
  • Acknowledge Advisers who have made a commitment to Figured across their farming customer base.
  • Provide access to Figured resources commensurate with the commitment shown by the Advisers.
  • Ensure Figured is treating Advisers in a consistent manner.


How to qualify for the Figured Partner Program

Qualification for the Figured Partner program is through a points-based system. Points are earned through the number of farms supported, number of people certified, running marketing events or having a high level of Figured adoption across the practice.


Bronze Silver Gold
Total 75 points required Total 150 points required Total 260 points required
Minimum 50 license points Minimum 100 license points Minimum 200 license points
Minimum 10 certification points Minimum 20 certification points Minimum 30 certification points



Benefits Bronze Silver Gold
Featured on Figured website Third Second First
Use of Figured Certified Adviser Logo
Use of Figured Bronze/Silver Gold Tier Logo
Access to Figured marketing toolkit
Lead Referrals within region (preference to higher tiers) Third Second First
Dedicated Customers Success resource for 30 days when onboarding 20 farms or more
Customer Success reviews 6 monthly 3 monthly
Nominated Customer Success Contact
Marketing support for pre-approved events with > 10 attendees $300 per event $500 per event
Co-branding (requires pre-approval) $500


Earning Points

Points Type
License Points
(Subject to accelerators below)
Figured Lite – 1 point
Figured – 5 points
Certification Points Per Certified Person – 10 points
Marketing Points Figured featured on Practice website – 15 points
Figured case study – 15 points
Event to more than 20 new to Figured people – 15 points
License Accelerator
(Based on % of farm accounts within practice using Figured)
Between 50% and 75% – 50% accelerator
Between 75% and 90% – 75% accelerator
Over 90% – 100% accelerator

Deliver value beyond compliance for your farming clients

Want to find out more about becoming a Figured Certified Adviser? Click the button below to send us a message and register your interest. One of our team will get in touch with you to tell you about the next steps!


What accountants are saying


“Farmers have a big job – agronomist, vet, engineer, people leader and the list goes on. With so much to do there’s often little time for cash flows and budgets. That’s where Xero and Figured are such a big help – making it possible to collate the information to make decisions against budget forecasts at any time”
Julia Jones, KPMG Farming Specialist, Hamilton NZ


“Farmers have many factors out of their control each year – from rainfall and weather conditions to shifting commodity prices – the challenges are huge.  With Figured and Xero, there is one less obstacle in regaining control of their Finances.  Both Farmers and their Advisers having real time access to Financial and Budgeted information, leading to better business decisions in less time”.
Shannon Patterson, Rise Business Solutions, Perth WA


Working with our rural clients was always harder than it needed to be. With other accounting packages the biggest pain point was not having ready access to current information.  We were always looking back and only on an annual or GST return period basis. Using Figured means that the whole farming team including our practice, the farmer and their farm consultant can all access and work from the same real-time information.  Farmers can now plan for those uncertain events and make better decisions.
Robyn Terlesk, Partner, BDO Northland, NZ