Deliver value beyond compliance for your farming clients

Figured offers accountants, banks and farm consultants an effective way to work with their clients to help them farm on the front foot.

Move your practice beyond processing numbers at year-end to provide trusted advisory services as a valuable part of the farming team. With Figured, you spend less time gathering information from your clients and more time adding value by helping them set budgets, plan and forecast to make more informed, strategic on-farm decisions.

You can manage Figured in-house and provide the financial information to your farming clients to make decisions – or you may have clients who want to manage it day-to-day, but have you on hand any time to help them out.

If you want to add value beyond compliance, talk to us about becoming a Certified Figured Adviser as part of the Figured Partner Program.

Grow your rural accounting practice


One team, one ledger
With all your client’s data in one place, the entire farming team can work online and collaborate using real-time financial information.


Improved efficiency
Stock reconciliation, crop tracking, production forecasting and budgeting is easier and more efficient – allowing you to focus on providing advice instead.


Add value
Figured gathers the cash, tax, stock and crop reconciliation, meaning less time spent chasing clients and more time providing high value services.


Boost your business
Figured will help grow your customer base by referring clients to Figured Advisers.


On-going support
We will support you all the way with training, online tools, marketing resources and qualified leads through website referrals.

How figured works with Xero

Track livestock, cropping & feed transactions in Figured and see them appear automatically in Xero.

rolling f

Use Figured to provide forecast cash flow, profit & loss and balance sheet at anytime.

one ledger

Post cropping and livestock valuation updates directly into the Xero ledger.

What accountants are saying

“Although the weather and its impact on yield are out of my hands, making good decisions when probabilities change isn’t. With Xero I know where we are today and with Figured I can see where we are going. It’s not what’s happened but what’s happening now and going to happen that must be our primary focus”.
Peter Knights, Farmer & Accountant, St Arnaud VIC

“Farmers have a big job – agronomist, vet, engineer, people leader and the list goes on. With so much to do there’s often little time for cash flows and budgets. That’s where Xero and Figured are such a big help – making it possible to collate the information to make decisions against budget forecasts at any time”
Julia Jones, KPMG Farming Specialist, Hamilton NZ

“Farmers have many factors out of their control each year – from rainfall and weather conditions to shifting commodity prices – the challenges are huge.  With Figured and Xero, there is one less obstacle in regaining control of their Finances.  Both Farmers and their Advisers having real time access to Financial and Budgeted information, leading to better business decisions in less time”.
Shannon Patterson, Rise Business Solutions, Perth WA

Working with our rural clients was always harder than it needed to be. With other accounting packages the biggest pain point was not having ready access to current information.  We were always looking back and only on an annual or GST return period basis. Using Figured means that the whole farming team including our practice, the farmer and their farm consultant can all access and work from the same real-time information.  Farmers can now plan for those uncertain events and make better decisions.Read more
 Robyn Terlesk, Partner, BDO Northland, NZ