The business of farming has changed significantly in the last 20 years but the financial tools for farmers and accountants haven’t. We want to change that.

We are committed to changing the way the rural sector works together. We believe farmers, bankers, accountants and rural advisers should be working interdependently, mutually promoting their respective skills and collaboratively planning for a farm’s future using real-time financial information.

Farming is in your blood, and it’s in ours too. We know that farming is not just a job, but a way of life, and the easier it is to stay a step ahead, the better. Despite its volatility, it is a strong, promising and rewarding sector to be in – and we’re excited to be doing our part in bringing change to the industry.

Figured was born out of a desire to farm smarter.

Carl McDonald and David Marshall were two farmers, accountants and all-round good guys who were spending hundreds of hours a month trying to get numbers and daily transaction details from their clients. They decided that entering data into various systems and relying on historical information for significant business decisions just wasn’t a smart way to work.

From farmers, for farmers.

As pragmatic farmers, Carl and David are all about solutions. So, it makes sense that to get what they needed, they built it themselves. Backed by farm investment company, My Farm Ltd, they created a specialist farm financial management solution that works hand in hand with Xero accounting software.

Today, with great partnerships including Xero, LIC, leading banks and progressive accounting practices, Figured has rapidly gained traction to improve the business of farming across both New Zealand and Australia.

NZ Hi Tech Start Up Company of the Year

We are honoured to have been named as the 2016 New Zealand Hi Tech Start Up Company of the Year. To be recognised as a business that is contributing to the success of the New Zealand tech sector – and agri tech in particular – in the global marketplace is something we are very proud of.

Figured was also named Xero’s Asia-Pacific Industry-Specific App Partner of the Year 2016 and Emerging Add-on Partner of the Year 2014.

With an incredible team that continues to grow, we are focused on the future and the continued development of a world-class tech solution for New Zealand, Australia and beyond.


Our Partners


Working in partnership with Xero, Figured is helping the rural sector by enabling farmers to get access to better farm business information. Figured and Xero closely integrate to enable livestock transactions, income and expenses to flow between both systems in real time.

ASB are supporting the farming community in New Zealand by making it easy to get started with Figured. ASB are sponsoring Figured to a select number of customers, and are assisting them in working with their Financial Adviser to get the maximum return out of Figured and Xero.

Figured is proud to be a bronze partner of Dairy Women’s Network. We are delighted to be working closely with DWN and rural women throughout New Zealand.

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Having BNZ as both an investor and customer is a strong endorsement for Figured. Working with BNZ allows us to further develop a product that meets the needs of the farming team. This partnership is a positive development for New Zealand agribusiness, giving more farmers access to tools to help manage their budgeting and production planning.

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